Multimer: Human Signal Data - Aggregated + Categorized
This map shows the aggregated, categorized brainwave data from dozens of riders & runners. Color schemes "A" & "M" show different categorization thresholds. Multimer A Multimer M
• Data is from 04/25/2016-05/30/2016. Some neighborhoods were not yet
filled out at this time.
• The data is brainwave information collected from dozens of riders and runners
with the MindRider wearable system. For more information on the system, please
• The study area is Manhattan south of Central Park. While the entire data
set includes locations outside of this area, the critical mass of data is inside
the study area.
• For each grid cell or neighborhood, all the data points were aggregated
and categorized based on the average levels of concentration and
relaxation for that cell.
• The category descriptors are based on a survey of words that are commonly
used on real estate sites.
• The color schemes "A" and "M" reflect slightly different categorization